If you are like me, your desk might be just a little bit (or lot!) cluttered. A stack of mail, an old cup of coffee, a pile of paperwork… this is common for busy entrepreneurs and career people. We juggle a lot and it can manifest itself physically, often as clutter, on the desk. It’s not bad or good; however, it may symbolize areas of blocked energy.

I know that my head feels clearer once I spend some time getting my desk in order before sitting down to focus. Have you ever wondered why? Also, what does Feng Shui have to say about the clutter on your desk?

In Feng Shui philosophy, the desk symbolizes your work, career and therefore your wealth and livelihood. Although you may not always be sitting at your desk, it still holds the energy or “chi” that supports your career. Take a look at your desk clutter and focus on any problem areas you see.

Where does the clutter (or even just that one stack of papers) tend to accumulate? Is there an area that attracts the paperwork you mean to get to one of these days? This clutter might be affecting your career and wealth.

If you’re sitting at your desk, the top right corner represents the relationship area of your career. If you have some clutter here, what is it and how does it reflect upon your relationships with any business partners or other client and business relationships. Maybe you need to open up and pay more attention to your interactions? Or maybe it’s time to cultivate some new relationships and let go of the ones that no longer work for you.

The top middle part of your desk relates to your passion and how others view you and your business. Are your public relations stuck in a rut? Or maybe you are buried under so much work that you have also smothered some of your passion. Overall, your reputation may be suffering.

Perhaps you need more visibility. Clutter in the top left area is directly related to your wealth, abundance and self worth. Is your business cash flow stagnant, or do you find you’re not charging enough for your services?

Bottom-line: what is the clutter, and what does it symbolize to you in terms of its location on the desk? The clutter can be cleared, but it’s important to pay attention to its underlying meanings and the insight they provide to help you flourish in your business life.

Homework Assignment:

Take an honest look and assessment of what clutter is on your desk and where. Be kind to yourself, clutter is not bad or good. What can you learn from it? I encourage you to spend a few moments clearing your desk and taking note of which areas of your business life needs more attention, based on the Feng Shui, before you sit down to work.