In business AND in life, it’s important to surround yourself with people who lift you up to higher levels and make sure you’re always doing your best. That’s why we’ve created a quick list of “must-haves” for creating YOUR perfect posse of friends and colleagues to help you achieve more!

1. Play at the same level. Create an Accountability Posse of two to six people. This journey is so much more fun if you don’t do it alone. Choose people who light you up and make you want to play at a higher game.

2. Create a ritual of checking in. The format of the accountability piece is very simple: create a weekly ritual of checking in every Monday and Friday. On Monday, state your biggest goal for the week. On Friday, state if you met the goal. Support one another if someone is feeling stuck. If you want to learn something, teach it. By supporting someone else, you actually help yourself to think outside the box. Choose a goal that stretches you—a goal that you probably wouldn’t attempt if you didn’t have the support.

3. Partner up within the group. Switch partners weekly—it makes it so much more fun when you can bounce ideas off of someone and share in the journey.

4. Commit to one another. If someone doesn’t show up to the check- ins more than two consecutive times, agree that you will find a replacement or ask that person to leave the posse. It only takes one person not participating to weaken the link and break the chain.

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