I know this is going to sound a little hokey, but I view intuition as this powerful “thing” in my gut that is a silent and strong guide. However, it’s really easy to ignore, especially if you are busy and have a million things going on. And if you ignore it long enough, it gets smaller and smaller until something in your life has to scream at you (implode) so that you finally have to tune in. Let’s avoid getting to that point.

I came up with a list of questions that help me access my intuition when faced with a tough situation or choice that I need to make. I refer to this list when making decisions around working with people, hiring, and important business and life choices.

AJK’s 12 Intuition Questions:

1. Do I feel good around this person or choice?
2. Am I heard and seen for who I am?
3. Can I be my authentic self around this person or in the situation?
4. Does this person or situation give me or take my energy?
5. Do I feel empowered or disempowered?
6. Am I going torward the adventure or running from fear?
7. Does this person spend time gossiping or lifting others up?
8. Am I listening to my lessons learned from the past?
9. Would I make the same choice if I had a million dollars in my pocket now?
10. Do I feel respected and valued?
11. Is this in alignment with my life’s “Raison D’etre”?
12. Am I trying to control the situation or am I leaving room for expansion?

Homework Assignment:
Print these questions out and add your own! When you are faced with an important choice to make, ask yourself the questions that are pertinent to your situation. You will be very surprised what comes up and the clarity that comes with.