Light a candle, turn on your favorite music, and enjoy the process of allowing your right brain to take over for this activity. Beyond creating the vision, the real power in this exercise is figuring out what you actually want, which oftentimes is buried under what others want for you. You may be surprised by what you uncover as you spend some time with this discovery process.

And remember: this is a living, breathing document that you will edit regularly.

1. Career and Business: What does your dream career look like? Be as descriptive and specific as possible. How much do you want to make? What’s your take-home salary? (This is a tough question, but if you get very quiet and grounded, a number that excites you will come to you.) Where is your office? Who are your employees? What is your company culture? How do you feel?

2. Personal: What does your personal life look like – your family, home(s), and hobbies? Where do you live? How do you spend your day? What do you do on weekends? How do you feel?

3. Savor: What kind of dream vacations are you taking? How will you savor your successes? What’s your wardrobe style? Is there anything that you always wanted but didn’t think you could have? Go ahead … be imaginative and savor! How do you fill your life with exciting experiences that make you feel alive?

Ask yourself three questions about each area. These questions are the rocks and foundation to your vision:
a. How do I want to feel? (What you feel is what you attract!)
b. Who do I want to be?
c. What tangibles will match this feeling?

After having the bigger picture and as you evolve through experiences, you can add and edit your Vision periodically. It’s also fun to discover what you were able to manifest and to savor the success!