90 Day Success: Megan Fleming says, “Fail FASTER!”

August 24, 2015, In: Business Tips, Community, DO, Personal Growth
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Megan Fleming is a Savor Success Circle member and certified sex and couples therapist (she’s the founder of Great Life, Great Sex). She is also a Clinical Instructor of Psychology in Psychiatry at Weil Cornell Medical College/New York Presbyterian Hospital (just ranked #1 in the country by US News & World Report) and has been featured on Anderson Cooper, Oprah Winfrey Network, MSNBC, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Maxim and The New York Times among others, as an expert on all aspects of sex and relationships.

Megan is not only known for her practical advice and easy-to-follow guidance, she is also described by fellow Circle member Patty Rose as being, “all about support!” Megan, “connects, shows interest, and then takes action to help you get things done and off to the races. I have the utmost respect for her, her continued dedication, honest direction and unwavering support. She is a success in my book, in life and in business!”

So without further ado, we’re excited to get to know more about this powerful, savvy entrepreneur, what inspires her about her business journey, and how far she’s come.

Megan, what was your last 90-day vision?
My biggest goal was to increase my social media numbers by 20% following/liking in an organic way and creating the opportunity to “share” my message publicly at least 14 times.

This 90 days I targeted my energy towards building my community/tribe that sees and experiences my value without any sales or outcome attached to my commitment to give value that plants the seeds for life changing experience.

Results: I spoke 16 times, 10 times as the resident expert for Girl Boner Radio, now ranked #6 in iTunes for sexuality behind people like Dan Savage and Dr. Drew, twice on KGO radio with Maureen Langan and DreX, Marla at Conversations with Cupid, Sirius radio with LoveSurjeiry, the Savor Retreat and an evening of #AskDrMegan, Dr Zhana on her sex panel for NYU, and my first twitter party hosted by #womenkickass

My twitter went up 150% and my FB 10%.

I have 4 speaking opportunities already planned for September! This past 90 days I also worked with a writer and drafted my stage talk for the book I was writing on “Invisible Divorce” to help couples who are together and apart learn how they can turn things around in their marriage. In this next 90 days, I will practice and give this talk!

GirlBoner#6Sexuality Itunes

What was your biggest lesson learned?
For me, it’s been gaining confidence in my public speaking. Although I’ve been a “go to” expert for print, public speaking is definitely my growth edge. Having the opportunity to have 16 speaking events has enabled me to grow leaps and bounds in my confidence. I like my voice and the wisdom I share, I’m so glad that I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone so that I can find platforms like radio that are flow. Anyone who knows me, knows talking about sex & relationships is my passion. I’m so ready to share my thoughts on much bigger platforms.

What were your struggles with bringing this goal into reality?
Performance anxiety. I’ve had it since I was a child. As a behaviorist at heart, I’ve always known exposure was the way to go but it’s just easier to avoid than to tackle. I’ve known a long time that I want to reach more people than I can ever possibly in my office. I was working on a book, and when that took a turn, I realized, I don’t want or need to wait for a book before I start helping others with my thoughts and advice.

Did you ever feel like giving up?
No, I may take unexpected turns, but I’m tenacious at heart (sometimes to a fault). Learning when to dig in and when to let go has been a huge learning curve for me.

Patty's event 7.15

What did you learn about Give, Give, Get during the process of manifesting your vision?
That I was and am always happy to help. It was my relationships with the comic Maureen Langan and August McLaughlin of Girl Boner that have brought me connections and opportunities that I would never have imagined. I was invited (and will be paid) to run my 50 minute Great Life Great Sex Workshop at SHE (the Sexual Health Expo) that had over 2,000 participants at their LA show. I’m thrilled to present this September at the NYC event.

How did you lean on your Circle sisters for support during this period?
I leaned on them to encourage me to keep saying yes to opportunities and to clarify when to say yes and when it’s ok and makes sense to say no.

Did you get something helpful for manifesting YOUR vision by helping someone else?
Yes, feedback! I gave my #Ask Dr Megan experience over dinner after the Savor Woodstock Retreat and the wonderful ladies not only gave me feedback that night but also in a follow-up survey that I sent out.

I also encouraged one of my savor circle members Patty Rose to offer an event that she felt was in her flow, “could do with her eyes closed”. Several of us in our circle got to experience Patty’s gifts first hand in her Move Your Body, Change Your World Workshop. It was a fabulous evening and afterword we all masterminded a little on our own 90 day goals. Again, their feedback was and is always, welcome and helpful.


What was one of the most important keys to your success?
Easeful growth! (Thanks Angela for the new term) I’ve always referred to it as a “Just Right Growth Stretch”, think of Goldilocks. not too big or too small. I’m a big picture thinker and I’ve been challenged by taking on too much all at once and end up in a state of overwhelm. Creativity can’t emerge from that state. Getting clarity about my bigger vision and breaking it down into small actionable steps has been liberating.

What is the #1 piece of advice you have for entrepreneurs who want to live their dreams?
Never give up! It’s about tenacity, clarity of vision, support and accountability. Fail faster. Seriously, get out there and try things on to figure out what does and doesn’t work for you and your business.

What’s your favorite way to Savor the Success?
Being a the beach! Which is where I am right now enjoying a vacation with my husband while my 2 kids are at camp.


Lastly, what are some of your favorite takeaways from being a Savor Sister and Premium Member of Savor the Success?
I’ve had support and accountability to have my first on-line product launch for Valentine’s day this year. I’ve gotten clarity in my zone of genius that allows for flow which is radio and live opportunities to share all that I know as a sex & relationship expert. I’ve also had Savor sisters bring PR opportunities to my attention!

If you want to join a Savor Success Circle for support, mentorship, and accountability like Megan, get on the list to be notified when the next round of applications begins!

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