How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

July 11, 2017, In: Business Tips, DO, Featured
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Editor’s Note: The following content is based on a post from Savor Success Circle member Kim Shanahan, founder of Gifts Fulfilled, in our Savor Community Facebook group. We are so grateful for the co-mentorship that occurs as each person shares their expertise + lessons learned in order to help their fellow Savories! 

Getting your website online will get your business “on the map,” but if you’re not taking advantage of Google Adwords, you’re losing a huge portion of your target audience!

Here are the most essential rules to follow, which will hopefully help you make sense of your AdWords dashboard:
(Note – Adwords express does not allow you to do all this so if you have that kind of account they have already automated a lot of this for you.)

Your ad should only focus on 5 to 10 keywords, and you need to make sure those keywords are ON the page of your website that you are directing the ad traffic to.

When you choose your keywords you have the choice of broad, phrase or exact.

Here are some examples to explain which type of keyword function to choose. For these examples, let’s use my keyword “College Care Package”.

In the BROAD setting any searches that contain the words “college” or “care” or “package” can cause my ad to display., so someone who searches for college party schools might see my ad. Generally, you do not want to utilize the BROAD setting. However, there is a modifier to broad that can be useful. By adding a + sign in front of your keywords you change the broad setting to mean only display my add when all the keyword terms are entered.

It also covers plurals of your keywords and root words and extensions of your keywords. (pack/package/packs/packages for example all would be covered). So it would look like this in your account: +college +care +package. In this setting the ad would display if someone entered “care for my package in college” so you have to decide if your words can be mixed around for searches you wouldn’t want or if a broad category makes sense.

In the PHRASE setting your ad displays anytime someone types in a phrase with your keywords. So someone who enters college care package ideas would see your ad. If you want to throw a wide net and allow for various phrases people might enter around your keywords then this setting might be good for you.

In the EXACT setting your ad displays only when someone types in the exact keyword phrase.

Keywords, that is. Negative Keywords are words you eliminate from your searches. In this example I would want to eliminate the word “idea” from my ad display. I don’t want moms who want to send their own care package clicking on my ad. By setting “idea” as a negative keyword any searches that contain idea will not trigger my ad.

So what can you look forward to once you’ve mastered your Google AdWords? Google Adwords has a conversion rate of approximately 1 – 3% according to Google, and Google Shopping (the picture ads you will see displayed on the right side of searches) have a 10 – 20% conversion rate! I hope this gets us all up to that magic 1.9% :)

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Kim Shanahan

Kim Shanahan

Kim Shanahan is the owner of three e-commerce based businesses. The first dates back to 1999 and the most recent began in 2015. Google AdWords has been instrumental in the launch of her newest venture Her driving mission is the employment of adults with disabilities and by growing her e-commerce based companies she has been able to adapt assembly line processes to fit the needs of this workforce. For more information about visit


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