How to move forward even when you feel overwhelmed.

January 10, 2018, In: Business Tips, DO, Featured, Personal Growth
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Did you know that in a recent Harvard study, only 3% of the students in the MBA program had written goals and a plan to achieve them? Ten years later, the study showed that this 3% was earning 10 times more than the other 97% of the class.

Other statistics show that 92% of people who set goals quit within two weeks. 

It’s no surprise, then, that many entrepreneurs launch amazing ideas and products into the world, but then can’t manage to make them a profitable success. At the end of the day, constant overwhelm and stress can wear down even the heartiest entrepreneurs.

If you have felt this in the last month or so, congratulations. You are an ENTREPRENEUR, and you are not alone.

From functional depression to day to day crisis-management, many entrepreneurs risk burnout if not properly managed. The good news: there are many ways to keep moving forward, get re-inspired, and uplevel your energy so you don’t get burnt out on your dreams. 


  • Check your 90-Day Vision today. Make sure you look at that vision weekly so it’s crystal clear in your mind. You can edit it (remember we put it on stickies for a reason) but don’t avoid it by not keeping it top of mind. If you don’t know what your 90-Day Vision is, find out with Manifest Method School
  • Speak it, write it, live it. You need to bring your vision to life weekly with an accountability buddy or business partner who is also clear on your 90-Day Vision.
  • Do a brain dump to write down your weekly tasks. Writing it down gets those “do this, do that” voice out of your head, which relieves stress. Flip through your weekly tasks from your planner to see what needs to get done that didn’t in previous weeks.
  • Get clear about what is the next best step for you to do this week. Be specific. Write that step in your Monday check-in and look at it daily until it gets done.
  • Take a vacation from yourself. Declare ONE thing you will do this week to SAVOR, take a little break from your hectic life… tech-free! Self care is essential to raising your energy and vibration levels,which is the key to living your fullest and best life.


What if I don’t know what my 90-Day Vision is?
That’s okay! Sometimes you meet your Vision early, sometimes you change the course. The trick is to tune into it and recalibrate if it needs a refresh. 

What do I do if I feel stuck and overwhelmed?
When most people feel stuck, the first thing they tend to do is start to compare themselves to others who seem “unstuck” and it also affects productivity levels. It’s easy to then create stories around why you are not moving forward: “I’m a failure, this keeps happening, what if it doesn’t work…” and so on.

Remember: you have two types of thoughts – empowered or victim thoughts. Tune into your body, which often feels stronger after an empowered thought and weaker after a victim thought. There are so many thoughts in this world that you could be focusing on and energizing. You may have a lot of stressors right now, but it’s likely that you have some good things happening, too. So which thought will you tune into?

Then ask yourself: What is the next baby step I can take? Again, be specific. The more overwhelmed or stressed you are, the more important it is to lean on your others to help you and to commit to ONE baby step.

What do I do if I feel alone or isolated?
You are not alone! You just haven’t reached out yet. Reach out to a Savor Sister, trusted friend, a business partner, or family member to re-connect. If you want more support, or don’t want to bring your business into your other relationships, learn more about joining Savor Success Circles. The difference you’ll feel is amazing. 

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