Lessons From Best-Selling Author Mia Redrick

July 16, 2015, In: Business Tips, Community, DO, Personal Growth
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Savor Success Circle member Mia Redrick is a popular speaker, strategy coach for moms, and a best-selling author of two #1 Amazon best-selling books on motherhood and self-care. Affectionately known as The Mom Strategist™, Mia has reached thousands, both nationally and internationally, with her empowering message for moms that “self-care is non-negotiable but necessary to be the best parent possible.”

Mia has been featured on The Ricki Lake Show and Huffington Post Live. She is a Parenting Expert for ABC News in Baltimore, MD and is a featured contributor on multiple popular websites such as Dr. Oz’s Sharecare, Yahoo! Shine, Dr. Laura, and Mamapedia.

Mia recently announced that she has joined the nationally-syndicated television show America Now as “The Mom Strategist,” a goal she achieved with the support and accountability of her Savor Success Circle. Mia is a triathlete and the founder of the Iron Moms Triathlon Team. She resides in Baltimore, MD with her husband, three children and her lovable Shih Tzu dog, Mick Ray. Mia is known by her Circle Sisters as a great advice-giver, and “awesome at motivating you to kick some a**. She comes through if anyone is in distress, and when she fails, she already knows how to grow from it.”

Mia, it’s so great to learn more about you and your business! Tell us, what was it like bringing your business from dream to reality? What were some of the hardest moments you had to work through? 
When I started my business my children were very young (7, 3 and infant) and my husband was on dialysis for 6 years. I could not travel a lot to grow my business so I had to learn how to build a profitable business without traveling.

The silver lining was that I learned how to automate my business and to create funnels from my home to grow a six-figure coaching business. I’m really proud of that and I love teaching other women how to do the same.

Did you ever feel like giving up?
Sure did but I always thought about the alternative of having a job, and that motivated me. I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur for over ten years. I love controlling my time, dating my husband during the day (wink) and being there for my children whenever I need to. #priceless


What motivated you to keep going? How did you get through the hard moments?
The truth is that my parents worked hard to provide a great life for me. My mother was a housekeeper and my dad was a welder and neither of them complained about doing what they needed to do to provide for their family. While things have been difficult I am always reminded of the sacrifice that my parents have made for me and I get over myself.

What was your biggest lesson learned?
My greatest lesson is that a lesson is repeated until it is learned. I try to listen to the repetition in my life because it is there to teach me.

As a Savor Success Circle member you’ve done AMAZING work. What was your last 90-day vision?

  • Core Mom Registration at 50 moms by the end of 90 days.
  • 60 of the 90 Retreat Ticket sold by August 4th.
  • To sign up 100 in The Mom’s Academy
  • To get 40 people to attend my my Life and Business series each month.
  • To shoot a television segment for my own show.
  • To sign a lucrative talent holding deal. (6 figure deal)
  • To be booked on a minimum of 15 national publications or shows to promote my work.
  • To lose 20lbs
  • To get two/three profitable corporate partnerships.
  • To close 4 sponsors for the Retreat

Wow. That’s a LOT of goals! Kudos to you! Did you accomplish your mission?
I’ve reached a lot of major markers so far:

  • Sold 43% of my seats for my upcoming Time for Mom-me Retreat weekend, November 6th -8th. This is the first time in three years that we have sold this many tickets this early!
  • Launched a new way to sell my Core Moms Accountability Coaching program and earned $32,000 during this launch cycle. I’m thrilled about this because I completely worked my 90 day vision for this product.
  • I interviewed for two national TV opportunities – one huge one informed me that I am a top consideration for the project!
  • I have two sponsors for my retreat.
  • And I have two corporate partnerships with two Fortune 500 companies.

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How did you lean on your Circle sisters for support during this period?
My Circle members were my soft place to fall and my high place to celebrate. I loved that about my tribe. They were kick ass!

Did you get something helpful for manifesting YOUR vision by helping someone else?
I’ve had the pleasure to work with heart centered entrepreneurs like Kris Wittenberg and Kimberly Cornwell, and each of these women taught me the power of creating a movement and how impactful that can be.

One of the best things that I got from my Circle was a place to meet new women, share my triumphs as well as my pain. I loved that my members took a stand for my success.

What did you learn about Give, Give, Get during the process of manifesting your vision in Circles?
I’ve had the pleasure to renew my circle three times with two amazing women who are an important part of my team.

I learned that Carolyn Herfuth is an amazing go-giver. She taught me so much by her example of sharing and caring. Carolyn once sent me a template for one of my sales funnels just because she wanted me to be successful on my launch. I was stunned by her wisdom and generosity. Her example of give, give, get is something that I will always treasure.

Sarah Walton is brilliant and has taught me the benefit of being present for your circle. Each time we had a call I knew that she would bring her A game and play full-out. I appreciated that about her. She taught me that it is important to show up for the people in your circle without excuses.

What’s your favorite way to savor the success?
90 minutes of “me time” each week is my reward for doing what I said I will do.

What has been one of the most important keys to your success using the Circles tools?
The shift for me was sharing my 90-day vision with my circle and then working the plan. I remember speaking to my Circle team after leaving a television studio interview in L.A. from my limo and deciding that this was important enough for me to not make excuses about not showing up.

What I found was that by being present in my own life AND for each of my Circle members, I learned so much from them, their strategy, and their mindset. These things helped to shape and motivate me.

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What is the #1 piece of advice you have for entrepreneurs who want to live their dreams?
Go for it. You can do it.

When I was starting out, my idea was to combine my background as a corporate trainer with motherhood by creating a coaching company that supports moms. Ten years ago, I was told by a business resource counselor that my idea(s) were silly and that no one would ever buy my services. He was wrong.

Since that time I’ve written four books and had two #1 Amazon bestselling books. I’ve coached 732 entrepreneurs and supported them with building a life and business that they love. I joined the Emmy-nominated and nationally syndicated show America Now in 2013-2014 and shot 30+ segments doing what I love.

I’ve coached families on the new Ricki Lake Show and supported families with shifting their dynamics to happier and fulfilling relationships. My advice has been featured in Essence, Woman’s World, Huffington Post, Dr. Oz, Sharecare, Yahoo-Shine, Dr. Laura… and literally hundreds of other publications and sites. My clients have gone from having zero clients or products to creating five and six-figure deals with amazing brands, products and services.

… Not bad for the girl who was told her ideas would never work! :) My take-away is that sometimes people give bad advice, not to discourage us, but because they don’t see what we see. Always remind yourself of your vision, and follow your gut.

If you want to join a Savor Success Circle for support, mentorship, and accountability like Mia, get on the list to be notified when the next round of applications begins. 

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