Savor Success: Holly Green says, “Accept the exchange of Give, Give, Get!”

August 25, 2015, In: Business Tips, Community, DO, Personal Growth
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Savor Success Circle member Holly Green is a Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist of over 18 years. She holds a certification in Oncology Esthetics, and is the founder of Norabloom Botanicals: a product line and boutique spa in Ithaca, New York.

Aside from being beloved by her fellow Circle Sisters, Holly also happens to be a star student in PR School, having landed well over 10 press hits after going through the 8-week program AND continuing her success in Savor Success Circle Group 82!

Holly is an entrepreneur ON FIRE — so what keeps her lit up and moving forward at all times? We recently got the chance to ask her how she has made her gorgeous brand so successful, and  what life lessons she would share with other entrepreneurs.


Holly, what was your last 90 day vision? 

In PR School, I wanted to:

  • Update Norabloom’s Website
  • Refine the Norabloom Brand on Instagram & FaceBook
  • Meet fabulous, like minded, driven entrepreneurs
  • Learn how to be my own PR Extraordinaire

In my Savor Circle Group 82:

  • Grow Norabloom Botanicals Skin Care Line
  • Find the balance between the the beauty lounge and skin care line
  • Learn to SAVOR the Success
  • And, of course, GET PRESS


What were your struggles bringing this goal into reality?
I was so afraid to PITCH. I worried that I my business was too small, and that editors would not take me serious. Once I began to hear back from editors and they were gracious and kind I realized that all would be just fine!

Did you ever feel like giving up?
OH HECK YES! I lost two Norabloom team members during the mad rush of pitching and it shook me so much (emotionally) that I lost track of my goals. I realized I was not able to be my own brand ambassador, work 60+ hours a week as an esthetician in the treatment room, and manage a team as well as a family.

At that time giving up was appealing. My Savor Circle 82 Group helped me through it all- we reevaluated my original goals and realized so what- my experiment as managing a team failed- the group helped me get back on track and very quickly things began to fall back into place.


What motivated you to keep going?
Savor Circle 82.

How did you lean on your Savor Success Circle Sisters for support during this time of growth?
We all leaned on one another, we helped set goals, we checked in and even sent each other reminder texts and FB messages. We all are real people with issues that arise personally and professionally knowing we are all equals made it so comfortable to address real issues.

Did you get something helpful for manifesting your vision while helping someone else?
Absolutely! The exchange of ideas with a supportive group is priceless. I still send FB posts to my group when I find a new gadget or a new inspiration to help keep us motivated!


So what was the most important thing you got from your membership?
Firstly, The Savor Circle Group 82. Not only do I have new connections, I have made life long friends.

Second: PR SUCCESS! Including features in:

  • Southern Living Magazine
  • Organic Spa Magazine
  • Estela Magazine
  • Women’s Health Magazine Online
  • XOXO Vain Beauty Blog
  • Les Nouvelles Esthetique & Spa Magazine
  • Biz Women Rock Interview
  • Stylish 365
  • Emily’s Reviews
  • Jackie Deals
  • Vegan Cuts September Beauty Box

And I even got these promised upcoming features in (fingers crossed!)

  • A Green Beauty Magazine
  • KONTROL Magazine
  • Real Simple Magazine
  • Verily Magazine
  • COCO ECO Magazine
  • Experienced Life Magazine
  • Morgan’s Blog

Wow. That is a LOT! What was your biggest lesson learned along the way ? 
Pace myself. Fear is NOT helpful. Move gracefully through the lulls.


And what did you learn about Give, Give, Get while manifesting your 90-day vision?
Give, Give, Get is genius. Giving is totally in alignment with my personality and y nature. I just never understood the GET part. When I allowed myself to accept the exchange of give, give, get- everything felt more balanced. I loved helping the women in my savor circle and they loved helping me!

What was one of the most important keys to your success?
PLAN, cultivate a plan. Clarity- GET CLEAR. Visualize and explore what success is and what it is I am chasing. Then ORGANIZE or create a vision board so I can see it.

What’s the #1 piece of advice you have to entrepreneurs who want to live their dream?
THINK BIG, DON’T BE AFRAID. Surround yourself with like minded ambitious women who go after their dreams.

Holly Green is a Savor Success Circle Member and PR School graduate. She has used creativity, perseverance, and tried and true business know-how to grow her business. Curious how to do this on your own? Join us at Rock the World 2015 to learn from powerhouse inspiring speakers (including best-selling author Gretchen Rubin, Baked by Melissa founder Melissa Ben-Ishay, and Gilt co-founder Alexandra Wilkis Wilson) and connect with fellow entrepreneurs for community and support. Register today

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