Savor Success: Interview With Elisha Lowe

April 24, 2015, In: Community, DO, Personal Growth
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Elisha Lowe is the founder and CEO of Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare Services, LLC, offering premium nursing care after plastic surgery. She has been a Savor Success Circle member since the program’s inception in 2013, and has even served as a Circle President. Elisha credits Savor Circles for her success in business because, she insists, “you can’t do it alone.”

Aside from her impressive accomplishments and ongoing successes, Elisha’s warm heart and incredible strength of character make her an inspiration. When it comes to making her dreams come true, this girl is on FIRE! She has participated in every Savor School, two Savor business retreats, and even won the PR School award for studentship and Give Give Get™ spirit.

We interviewed Elisha to find out more about how she gets it all done, what helps her stay on track to her goals, and why she feels that giving to others is also an investment in you.

Elisha, we’re so excited to go “behind the scenes” with you! Let’s start with this: what was your last 90-day vision?
Partnering with 3 additional offices, nurturing relationships resulting in over 16 patients each month, and a sales increase of 20% y/y to date. I had 2 personal goals as well.

What were your struggles with bringing this goal into reality?
I can’t reach my business goals alone. It is super important for me to engage and align my team with the vision… I need them to make sales calls on a weekly basis in order to hit our goals. The problem is, when my energy is low, their energy is low. I find that my team will reflect this energy and all of our productivity is decreased. Over the course of this 90 days, I’ve struggled on and off with keeping my team motivated to sell. I’ve implemented a new sales, action, and marketing reporting tool and I expect productivity to increase and be more consistent!

Did you ever feel like giving up?
Yes, because giving up sometimes is easy… and sometimes I just want easy! I feel like that every few weeks or months depending on what’s happening. And here’s something that is an open secret… most entrepreneurs experience this because, as Rosemary Camposano says, “we didn’t choose the easy route with entrepreneurship”.

What motivated you to keep going?
Alone time always does the trick for me. It centers me. I don’t draw energy from being around people. I am naturally an introvert so I like time with myself. I rarely feel lonely. I get sleep, get centered, get back to why I am doing this in the first place. My goal is to help people in feeling good about the choices they make around plastic surgery through education, nursing and concierge services. I want to ensure that people who choose plastic surgery heal safely while at home. Once I regain clarity on that, I’m back!

What was your biggest lesson learned?
As my business grows, so do I. Things that were once a challenge for me no longer are and as I move into new horizons new learning curves present. Right now my biggest lesson is learning to remain open, flexible and free of self-judgement.

Elisha Blue Shirt Eyes Closed

Out of everything you’ve done, what has made the biggest difference in your business? 
By the time I finally decided to join Savor the Success I had been owner, operator and doer of way too many things in my business for 2 full years. I was working in isolation, frustrated and not fully enjoying the privilege of owning a business. At that time I was a high income earner well established in my career and I was beginning to question if I even wanted to continue. Real or imagined I felt that I had no one to talk to about what I was going through and I felt very disempowered.

In 2013 before the beginning of new year I set an intention for connection with other business women. More importantly I wanted to connect with women who share a similar philosophy about life and work.

I began to search for the right group and that’s when I rediscovered Angela Jia Kim and Savor the Success. The group would come on and off my radar over the years but I didn’t think an online group was right for me. I never knew how powerful this community of Give Give Get™ women was until I took the leap and joined.

I dove in head first, soaking up all the information I could. I would spend hours in the video libraries and reading through the cafes. As soon as the Circles program launched, I signed up. Around that time I also attended a CEO Retreat and left with a new mindset which helped me to build a team of support around me. It took a full year but my Circle sisters encouraged me along the way and held me accountable each week for the goals I declared. Eventually I even became a Circle President, and part of that experience was being mentored by AJK and a list of phenomenal 7-Figure Circle women… wow!

I gave myself the gift of the Manifest Method School (what a blessing) and clarity became my constant companion. And most recently, I took a chance and joined PR School; I learned a lot, received some exposure and even won a meeting with Rachel Hofstetter (sweet).

Elisha Window Pic

What did you learn about Give, Give, Get during the process of manifesting your vision?
Sometimes in our Circles or in Savor in general we are all just giving so freely of ourselves, our knowledge, experience and time. Give Give Get™ is a way of being in this group. I have learned to give without expectation and it all comes back around.

How did you lean on your Circle sisters for support during this period?
My Circle sisters are always at the ready with open minds willing to just listen. I never feel judged or as if I am in competition with these ladies. I pick up the phone call or text just for quick words of encouragement.

Did you get something helpful for manifesting YOUR vision while helping someone else?
When I’m helping someone else by pouring out new ideas for THEIR vision, creativity bursts out of me and I am also able to bring my own dreams to fruition.


What was one of the most important keys to your success?
Moving into a CEO mindset… for sure.

What’s your favorite way to savor the success?
Traveling the world with friends and loved ones while drinking good wine!

And lastly, after all you’ve experienced, Elisha, what is the #1 piece of advice you have for entrepreneurs who want to live their dreams?
Get clear on your purpose, be willing to let your dreams unfold the way they need to, and have fun along the way.

If you want to “take the leap” like Elisha did and experience the difference Savor Success Circles can make for YOUR business, apply today! Applications are open for the next 90-day round between July 6 – 17, 2015. Learn more or schedule a 1-on-1 consult with a member of our team to find out if Circles is the right fit for you.

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