Savor Success: Interview With Teri Goetz

May 24, 2015, In: Business Tips, Community, DO, Personal Growth
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Teri Goetz is a vibrant Savor Sister who lights up the room wherever she goes, and her impact in her clients’ lives is far-reaching: as a practitioner of Chinese and Integrative medicine, Teri helps her patients heal chronic and autoimmune diseases and find the root cause of their conditions using time-tested methods like acupuncture, Chinese and western botanicals, detox and nutrition.

However, breaking through as an alternative health practitioner was not easy. While Teri is a great listener who helps others find solutions quickly, it is her creative thinking and ingenuity that helped her carve out a niche for herself and succeed in business in a newly emerging field.
Teri is in her fifth round of Savor Success Circles, and her second term as Circle President, and she added, “in 90 days, I SURPASSED my goal… I never would have felt so driven to get patients through the door if it weren’t for my Savor Circle!”
We got the chance to find out a little more about Teri’s goals for her business, what got her above and beyond the threshold… and what this modern day medicine woman likes to do to unwind!

Teri, tell us: what was your 90-day vision?
My 90 day vision was to start seeing 30 patients per month. This was a really lofty goal given that I had just conceived of and re-opened my practice in my PREVIOUS 90 day Circle.

After years of feeling lousy with chronic complaints of severe joint pain, migraine headaches, brain fog, exhaustion and weight gain that would not budge, I was finally diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases. I got a little ticked off once I dove into research and realized that my healthy diet was actually making me sick – and no one seemed to know this… I decided to go back into full time practice to help others not suffer the same way I did.

Did you meet your goal?
Actually, I surpassed my goal and saw 36 patients/month… my Savor sisters and Angela supported me through this big change. My practice is now growing beautifully.

Teri Goetz Conference

Whoa! So what was your biggest lesson learned along the way?
First, I learned that it’s too easy to say, “it can’t happen.” When I first started my practice 15 years ago, it took me (and my colleagues) YEARS to get to the point where I was regularly seeing 15 patients per week. In the past 90 days, if I hadn’t been pushed by this new goal [of 30 clients per month]I probably would have just accepted a much slower rate of growth.

Another lesson learned was to set deadlines for your goals! Even though I believe that “there’s always a way,” I might have just accepted mediocrity if it weren’t for the deadlines and accountability to my Circle.

The third lesson was Give Give Get. In order to get the energy moving in the office, I decided to give away treatments to people who I wanted to thank for something they contributed to my life or business. From that, people loved the treatments so much, they began coming back and referring friends to come for treatment. Even though my intention was purely to give, that was a big contributor to the rapid growth.

What were your struggles with bringing this goal into reality?
I needed to really hustle. The time it took to give the free treatments was significant, but so worth it. I had to stay very focused on patient growth – and nothing else. As an entrepreneur, I had many things I wanted to accomplish and it’s too easy to get distracted by these bright and shiny ideas. Knowing that at the end of 90 days I had to say “I did or did not accomplish my goal” kept me moving!

Did you ever feel like giving up?
Yes. There were times where I thought, “This is nuts! My original NYC patient files are all gone, I have to start from scratch there. There’s no way I can do this.” But my Savor Circle kept me going. I watched as they accomplished their goals and as they say: a rising tide floats all boats. I was buoyed by their success.

How did you lean on your Circle sisters for support during this period?
I called when I needed to. I was vulnerable and honest. If I was having a bad day, I touched base with someone in my group, and they were always there to offer a word of advice or to just support. We each did that for each other…

Teri Goetz

Did you get something helpful for manifesting YOUR vision by helping someone else?
Masterminding with the group is always a fascinating process for me. The original meaning of “master mind” comes from Napoleon Hill, where he speaks of a group of people coming together with their own unique histories, ideas and thinking processes to create one “master mind” with powerful idea creations and that far surpasses what your own mind can do. When our group got together and brainstormed for each other, ideas bounced off each other and growth happened for everyone.

What was one of the most important keys to your success?
The give-give-get of the free treatments. I did it because it just felt right, and I wanted to move the energy in the office. When people started coming back and referring, it reminded me that this really is my zone of genius, and it built confidence. I am also very present when I’m with my patients and that made me realize how I can be very present in all aspects of my life.

What is the #1 piece of advice you have for entrepreneurs who want to live their dreams?
Make goals, with dates! Get the support and accountability of a group around you. Mastermind. The ideas generated there are remarkable. Remember, there is always a way.

Also, give honestly – not with intention to get something in return, but with the idea that your generosity just generates good energy and attracts more of the same. If you give with the intention to get, you get a very different experience (and effect). Give because it feels good to give — and the rewards in and of itself make it worth it. The side benefit is that it comes back to you.

Teri Goetz Vows

And what’s your favorite way to savor the success?
With down time — massages, family time, vacation, reading, exercise. I recently went on a trip to Italy to renew my vows with my husband and it was incredible.

Do you want to manifest a major goal in the next 90 days? Join a Savor Success Circle! The next round of applications for this transformative program + community, begins July 6, 2015. Mark your calendars and learn more today.

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