How to De-Stress Your Bathroom: Feng Shui Style

September 9, 2014, In: Decor, DREAM
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Many people are concerned with the bathroom when it comes to Feng Shui. When the practice was developed in ancient China, bathrooms were (and sometimes still are) quite unpleasant. Think gas station bathroom in the middle of nowhere while camping.

Modern bathrooms in western-style homes are quite the contrary. They are spaces to relax, soothe, pamper… and de-stress! To make sure you can de-stress in style, here are some Feng Shui tips for your bathroom.

Keep the Door and Toilet Seat Closed

The bathroom is a place where water flows out of your space through the plumbing. This is a concern because in Feng Shui water represents cash flow. This is especially problematic in tall apartment buildings where there are many bathrooms stacked on top of each other.

Either way, it is a good idea to keep the door to the bathroom, as well as the toilet seat, closed to help mitigate the water issues. On a practical note, closing the toilet seat helps lower the humidity levels in the bathroom, making it a cleaner and fresher environment.

Use Non-Toxic Cleaners

Feng Shui is about seeing how every aspect of your environment affects you, and this includes the cleaners you use.

The indoor air quality of bathrooms (and homes) are essential for relaxation, health and well-being. Most conventional bathroom cleaners are made with toxic chemicals that are easily absorbed through the air and skin. This can seriously affect your de-stress time soaking in the bathtub, as the chemicals leach into the water and get absorbed into your bloodstream.

Non-toxic, green cleaning products are now easy to find at your local grocery stores. It is also easy to make your own with household items like vinegar and baking soda.

My favorite DIY recipe is for an all-purpose cleaning solution. Combine one part white vinegar and three parts water, with nine drops of essential oil; eucalyptus and tea tree oil are good options, as they are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Shake up all of the ingredients in a spray bottle and you’ve got a homemade, non-toxic cleaner!

Balance the Five Elements

The use of the five elements in Feng Shui integrates nature into our spaces. The five elements are earth, water, fire, wood, and metal. Five element theory can be used in your bathroom to create balance and harmony – the key is to make sure each element is represented.

You can add some earth with earthy colors like yellow, orange or brown, as well as a weighty stone statue. Water is already prevalent in the bathroom, but a few black accents are acceptable.

The next element is fire, symbolized by the color red. A red shower curtain or linens would be particularly useful in a situation where you have a tall apartment building with many bathrooms stacked on top of each other.

Wood is represented by the color green, and can also be added with a green plant. If the bathroom is very low-light, a realistic looking fake plant is acceptable.

Finally, the last element is metal. Bathrooms generally already have a lot of metal with white ceramic as well as metal fixtures and tiles. Just make sure the metal element is represented.


Homework Assignment:

Try one of these tips to transform your bathroom into a holistic and soothing space. Then draw a nice bath and treat yourself with some nice bath salts and essential oils, savor the moment, and DE-STRESS!


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Anjie Cho

Anjie Cho

Anjie Cho is a holistic interior architect and a sought-after expert in the fields of Feng Shui and green design. A New York state registered architect and certified feng shui master, Anjie creates beautiful and nourishing spaces throughout New York City and beyond. You can check out her work at


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