What to do when you don’t feel motivated

February 6, 2014, In: Goals
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I’ve been working on my new book, which features many Savor women entrepreneurs. In the spirit of “Give, Give, Get”, I have been asking the Savor community for their stories of inspiration and lessons learned to include in the book.

There’s one story that I couldn’t wait to share with you so I’m posting as a blog here. I’ve helped thousands of women entrepreneurs launch their businesses, and I can tell you one thing I know for sure. Women are not necessarily motivated by money alone. They are motivated by the experiences that money brings them: vacation in Europe, a dream home, a spa day, romantic meals with significant other.

This is what I call a “Savor List”. It is a powerful way to identify how you will maintain some work/life balance. It’s also an extremely powerful motivator.

At a Savor retreat, I once asked a mom what was on her Savor List. She said, “I want to send my son to his first-choice college in a few years.” We calculated how much she would need to earn to pay for tuition, and let me tell you… I have never seen someone’s arse lit on fire so fast. Her business doubled in a year. She had the motivation to power through sales rejections, not get discouraged, and focus on the clients that needed her business.

What’s on your Savor List?

Without further ado…

by Sara Blette, Company Owner – Make My Notebook

I consider myself truly blessed to do what I love. Everyday. Lots of Whys. I LOVE design. I love creative problem solving and helping others improve their image, space and just getting them to the next level of where they didn’t even know they wanted to go.  I also love being a wife and mother of a very spirited three-year-old.

It’s during this daily cycle of balancing “wife, mother, and entrepreneur” that I often forget to do the other things that are so important to everyday life. I sometimes get so busy making everyone else happy that I leave myself for last. I would find myself going weeks without a girl’s night, movie, massage or even something as simple as a bath. It was usually around week two, when I would start to lose it and realize that not taking care of myself was really making me stressed, burned out, and essentially  “running on empty.” Everybody else was getting a little bit of me except me.

It hasn’t been easy. Creating a Savor List and actually taking time off to implement that list are two completely different things. The first lesson that I learned is that at the end of the day, it’s not really going to matter if I take an hour off to get a massage, pedicure, long walk with a friend or any of the other special things that I’ve now deemed “sacred.” Nobody is really going to miss anything. The second lesson is that I am a better wife, mother, and designer when I take time to Savor life. I’m happier, better balanced, and more fun to be around.

The best part about all of this is now I not only have a Savor List, but a Savor Notebook that I’ve started to fill with ideas of all of the different things that I want to do. I have it all broken down to experiences, travel, places to eat, etc. That way when I am in the moment all I have to do is flip through the pages and I’m sure to find something that quickly surprises me and fills the void left by “all work and no play.”

Clarity is the first step to living your dream. Get started on your own Savor Life list, and learn the steps to achieve it with Manifest Method School.

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Angela Jia Kim

Angela Jia Kim

Eco-beauty entrepreneur and intuitive business mentor, Angela Jia Kim, believes that the best beauty tip is to live your dream. She pulls from her experiences as a serial entrepreneur, jet-setting concert pianist, New York City (not house) wife, and mom to help others from beauty to business at savorbeauty.com and savorthesuccess.com.


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