Savor Success: Interview With Lorri Dyner

June 20, 2015, In: Decor, DREAM
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Lorri Dyner is a Savor Success Circle sister whose company, Lorri Dyner Design, has helped spread her passion for transforming people’s lives by transforming their homes. The zen and peace of beautiful decor wasn’t always the world she lived in: Lorri was previously a foreign policy aide in the U.S. Congress, and a Wall Street recruiter! In her heart, however, she always knew she had a “deeply creative itch” that she needed to scratch.

The chaos that comes with government and finance didn’t necessarily stop when she became an entrepreneur, but as anyone who knows Lorri would tell you, she has a big heart, big passion, and big priorities; her family, her peace of mind and her vision for herself and her clients keep her moving forward each day with courage and power. The result? Lorri has been featured on The TODAY Show, Meredith Vieira, BetterTV and more, sharing her mission with the world on a bigger platform than ever before.

We got the chance to interview Lorri recently and learn more about the “secret sauce” behind her success, what she does to savor it, and how Savor Circles and Give, Give, Get™ have helped her grow her business. Let’s find out!

Lorri, we’re so excited to “chat” with you. For those who don’t know, what was your 90-day vision?

  • To get 1,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram (follow her @lorridesign!)
  • To have 1-3 partnerships in place (eg, retail brands, YouTube channels, etc).
  • To feel powerful and confident as I “put myself out there” and take incredible risks.

What was your biggest lesson learned while you were working on those goals?
I had been doing “okay” decorating part-time and staying at home with my young kids. But the truth is that like anyone I had BIG CRAZY dreams for myself and when I turned 40 I decided to just go for it. I was letting life slip by! So I really started to put myself out there (getting on TV, forging new media partnerships, etc).

IMG_7458Lorri on The TODAY Show (Lorri far right)

WELL, as soon as I started to stick my neck out and live a bigger life, it’s like everyone and their brother had an opinion to share with me about what mistakes I was making and what I should be doing, and what success should look like.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned since taking this dramatic shift in my business is that I absolutely can not listen to all the noise. When I’ve been most successful it’s when I get very clear about what I want and I don’t let myself get distracted by all the opinions.

Did you have any struggles while manifesting your vision?
There are a ton of obstacles for any small business owner, but I have to say the real obstacle has been finding the courage to just go for it. The self doubt can be crippling! But after a lifetime of often letting that self doubt get in my way, I’ve just decided to do it differently this time. Oh I definitely feel those old fears. But I do it anyway.


Did you ever feel like giving up?
Yes! Usually after significant sleep deprivation.

Well… what motivated you to keep going? How did you get through it?
… Sleep! Turning my brain off and focusing on my family. Also, meditation has been key.

Did you lean on your Circle sisters for support during this period?
Yes, I actually made a quantum leap forward after one recent mastermind session – my Savor Sisters really pushed me to include things in a contract that had never occurred to me, and I’m in a much more powerful position as a result.

What did you learn about Give, Give, Get during the process of manifesting your vision?
When I am generous in my heart and feeling like the sandbox is big enough for ALL of us, that’s when the magic happens. When I start to feel greedy or left behind or “put upon” my whole process stalls.


Did you get something helpful for manifesting YOUR vision by helping someone else?
Yes all the time, every day! Recently, I helped out a growing YouTube channel (What’s Up Moms – check them out!) by introducing them to home decor retail giant, thinking Wayfair could help them decorate What’s Up Mom’s new office space in exchange for a little YouTube exposure. And that introduction resulted in my leading the project! All kinds of terrific branding, exposure etc. for my business will come out of it.

What’s your favorite way to savor the success?
Turning it all off and hanging with these guys.


What is the #1 piece of advice you have for entrepreneurs who want to live their dreams?
Think big, act big. But do it with gratitude.

Do you want to manifest a major goal in the next 90 days? Join a Savor Success Circle! In Lorri’s words, the “game-changing content” and the support have been, “incredible. I take such great comfort and encouragement from my Savor Circle Sisters. They challenge me, hold me accountable, and help me see things in a new light.”

The next round of applications for Savor Success Circles, a transformative program + community, begins July 6, 2015. Mark your calendars and learn more now!

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