How your Blind Spots are Hurting Your Business

March 21, 2017, In: GROW, Personal Growth
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We all have mental blind spots – psychological blocks that stop us from seeing reality. We’ve created blind spots because of life experiences and they’re perpetuated by the very nature of their existence; therefore, we don’t necessarily see where we shoot ourselves in the foot!

Ever wonder why you keep doing the same things that keep you stuck in your business? When you are in the car, it’s nice to have a friend riding shotgun who can turn around and see what’s in your blind spot. The same is true in regards to being aware of our mental blind spots, as we all need help seeing them.

I’ll bet what drives you to become an entrepreneur is the very thing that blinds you to self-sabotaging business behaviors.

You’re willing to take risks, and it feels almost normal; however, you reach a point where a quiet terror rumbles under the surface of the forward movement needed for personal and business growth. You stop or retreat. That’s the place where smart people do dumb things. It’s where you hit a wall that stops your business growth — and you’re not sure why.

Blind spots often have to do with self-worth. Oftentimes, they are derived from the inherited “junk” of false beliefs, lack of self-esteem and “why-should-they-pay-me? This-comes-easily- to-me”  syndrome. Too many business women, on some level, still feel not good enough.

This is why being an entrepreneur is one of the best personal development courses you can ever take. Nothing makes you dive deeper into your “why,” find the courage to move far past your comfort zone, and challenge your self-worth more than having a business. It’s also why you have to take a look at your blind spots.

As women, our businesses are extensions of ourselves. When we don’t get the sale, there’s a little bit of “They don’t like me” hanging out in our subconscious. We take things personally (feeding the blind spots), until we learn not to (removing the blind spots).

The legacy we inherited – the low self-esteem – came from childhood “stuff.” We bring that legacy with us into our business until we first acknowledge it, and then address it, and stay vigilantly on top of it.

How about:  the buck stops here.

Ditch the legacy of self-doubt so we don’t pass this on to our daughters.

The Dalai Llama was right. We – the western woman – can save the world. You have the power to impact so many. The only way to do that is to look deep, acknowledge that there’s “stuff” getting in your way. Then get expert help to move past it, along with the support of those friends and colleagues riding shotgun.


Generally, your deepest fears sit at the heart of your blind spots. Get honest with yourself.  In order to find your blind spots, we encourage you to:

  •  Ask yourself “Where do I get stuck repeatedly?” (Dive deep! The first — or second — answer is usually not really what’s causing it.)
  • Ask yourself:  “What frightens me about failure? (Hint: Fear of failure is generally fear of what others will think of you if you DO fail.)
  • Ask yourself “What frightens me about success?” (Hint: Are you afraid people won’t like you, be jealous of you or you’ll lose loved ones?)
  • Ask friends (who can be loving but honest) or a coach to help you see past the false beliefs that your conscious mind won’t allow you to see. (For example, “I’ll never make the kind of money SHE makes”.)
  • Approach the solution with different thinking. (You can’t solve the problem with the same thinking that created it! Get creative.)

Share your thoughts! Comment on your best practices and what works (or doesn’t work) for you to get past those blind spots.

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Teri Goetz

Teri Goetz

Teri Goetz helps women identify, clarify and strategize their contribution to the planet in the second half of their lives. With 25 years of experience, she guides women to reinvent themselves with more purpose, passion and authenticity through visionary coaching, holistic modalities and straight up business practices. She’s also a teacher, writer, speaker, group facilitator, mom and wife. Visit for more information.


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