What’s Your Resilience IQ?

August 15, 2016, In: GROW, Personal Growth
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When entrepreneurs ask me what it takes to build a business, after addressing the obvious questions of business model, financing, and scalability, I always ask this question:

How fast do you bounce back after a set back?

Resilience is what gets you up when you’ve been knocked down. It’s what keeps you going when you feel like quitting. It’s the difference between if you succeed in business or not.

I’ve created a fun little quiz for you to take to see how your Resilience IQ adds up. Take it and comment below to share which type you are!

Keep in mind that resilience is like a muscle – you must exercise it to grow. At the end of this article, I give you ways to exercise your resilience muscles.

Resilience IQ Quiz: 

1. When I receive a rejection, I… 

a. Take the day off and it bothers me for a long time. It shakes my confidence level for a while.
b. Shrug it off. Oh well, there will be others!
c. Acknowledge how I really feel, call a friend or colleague to talk about it, extract lessons and create new action steps.

2. When I get into a disagreement or have an unpleasant exchange with someone who I value, I…

a. Hold a grudge and decide that we should part ways.
b. Tell myself, “Tomorrow is a new day!”
c. Have an honest (although it may be difficult) conversation about what happened and try to move on with new perspective and understanding.

3. When a project that I’m working on is not going as planned, I… 

a. Lose confidence and direction.
b. Move forward regardless. Nothing’s stopping me.
c. Gather my support team and come up with strategies to come out ahead.

4. I tend to… 

a. Nitpick and get caught up in smaller details in my daily life. I can’t seem to let go and feel overwhelmed by these details.
b. Sweep things under the rug because I have too much to deal with.
c. Pick and choose my battles depending on gravity.

5. When problems – big or small – arise, I… 

a. Get totally overwhelmed.
b. Duck or plow through.
c. Go into solution-mode.

If you answered A to most questions, we need to work on your resilience factor. Here are some things you need to do immediately:

  • Get a support team. Hire a coach (Savor has a lot of amazing coaches… contact me for recommendations and I will direct you to someone who can help you).
  • Adopt this attitude: What’s best, what’s next? Then apply your lessons learned moving forward.
  • Remember the 100 times rule: Don’t give up unless you’ve tried something 100 times (in different and creative ways).
If you answered B to most questions, you are resilient… to an extreme. You may not be listening to the lessons that the “universe” is trying to send to you. Here are some things that you can do:
  • Slow down. Examine why the set backs are happening before moving forward.
  • Consider that honest conversations are always best no matter what the outcome. Approach with the understanding that people do mean well, and sometimes it takes a conversation to get on the same page.
  • You may need to go on a vacation to plug into what’s important to you. When you are in high-drive mode, you are driving toward Burn Out Avenue.
If you answered C to most questions, congratulations! You have what I call “Intuitive Resilience”. You are listening to what’s happening around you, but you are not getting dragged down by the minor set backs. Here are some things you can do to further your Resilience IQ:
  • Practice extreme self-care to stay in this zone. Pamper yourself with weekly “Spa Days” or going out to restaurants with friends.
  • Reach out to a fellow entrepreneur who may be experiencing overwhelm. Have coffee with that person and share what you’ve learned along the way. :)
So… I’m curious! How did you fare in this Resilience IQ Quiz? Please share by commenting below. 
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Angela Jia Kim

Angela Jia Kim

Eco-beauty entrepreneur and intuitive business mentor, Angela Jia Kim, believes that the best beauty tip is to live your dream. She pulls from her experiences as a serial entrepreneur, jet-setting concert pianist, New York City (not house) wife, and mom to help others from beauty to business at savorbeauty.com and savorthesuccess.com.


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