Attitude of Gratitude: The Evolution Of Natural Makeup By Rebecca Casciano

November 18, 2015, In: Beauty, SAVOR
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My wellness journey began about 16 years ago, when I was dealing with a stubborn case of adult acne. After trying dermatologist-recommended treatments without much success, I began exploring holistic healing modalities. I worked with everything from nutritional supplements, herbs, dietary changes and energy healing and along the way, some of the practitioners asked me about the ingredients in the makeup I was wearing. I didn’t know much about this, only that they helped cover my blemishes, allowing me to feel more confident facing the world with severe acne. They suggested that the ingredients could be contributing to the inflammation, urged me to stop using them and try more natural options.

Desperate, yet doubtful, I ventured over to my local health food store to sample some of the brands they suggested. As a very visual person, I was turned off at first sight. The display units and packaging were nothing like the sleek, fashion-forward brands I knew and loved. Not to mention, shopping for makeup in a junky, old health food store was rather unappealing. As I swiped the foundations and concealers on my hand, I became further convinced that there was no way these sheer, chalky formulas were going to help my skin look good enough to leave the house.

So this is where I drew the line. I would try bitter herbs, acupuncture needles and colon hydrotherapy, but I would NOT compromise on my makeup! And so I went on wearing my mainstream cosmetics. It wasn’t until I decided to become a Health Coach many years later that I realized I couldn’t talk to women about their well-being without looking at the whole picture – including what we’re putting on our skin and thus, into our bodies. I made a vow to make this a part of my coaching practice and set out to again research makeup that was non-toxic, yet effective.

As I discovered new brands and began testing products, I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. There were foundations that came in a range of skin-tones and gave me the coverage I desired, lipsticks in vibrant hues and even eyeshadows that extended beyond the basic browns. Not to mention, packaging was beautiful and comparable to my commercial faves! I was a convert and began happily swapping out my personal and professional makeup kit to more natural skin-safe alternatives.

Fast-forward five years and I couldn’t be more grateful for how far the natural beauty industry has come. Product formulas and packaging are ever evolving and improving; now as chic as any luxury brand you would be proud to pull out of your purse. Not only that, I’m so thankful I get to introduce women to some of my favorite tried-and-true makeup at our Savor Spa Eco Beauty Bar.

Here’s an overview of our latest Beauty Bar collection:

Alima Pure is a trail-blazer in the industry, with lovely foundations for each and every skin tone.

Ilia Beauty offers some of the most highly pigmented lip colors to be found.

Vapour Organic Beauty makes some of the lushest cream blushes and foundations.

Antonym Cosmetics creates the chicest  bamboo palette of everyday eyeshadows.

Modern Minerals lipgloss gives you a gorgeous pout infused with flower elixir and positive energy.

Love + Beauty,

XO Rebecca

If you’re interested in doing a makeup bag detox, check out the Top 10 Toxic Ingredients to Avoid for inspiration. To learn more about all the amazing, natural makeup at Savor Spa, treat yourself to an Eco-Luxe 30 minute Beauty Booster or 2-hour Embrace your Face session with Rebecca! Click here to see the full menu. Connect on Instagram, @rebeccacasciano @savorspa. Photo by Alima Pure.

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