The Top 3 Beauty Multi-Taskers for a Gorgeous Glow

August 22, 2015, In: Beauty, SAVOR
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At Om Aroma & Co. and Savor Spa, we are HUGE fans of multi-tasking. We love essential oils that double as fragrance AND skincare; organic lip color that doubles as blush; and of course, we love any ingredient that nourishes your inner AND outer glow.

Recently, our obsession with multi-tasking was documented in an article on SELF online featuring a luscious step-by-step recipe for a face masque + smoothie (more on that below.)

In light of that, we wanted to share with you three of our favorite beauty multi-taskers and the surprising ways they can help you detoxify and renew your gorgeous, glowing skin… inside and out.

Turmeric: Turmeric has been used for centuries as a spice, and recent studies noted the exceptionally long lifespans and health habits of those who ate turmeric-heavy cuisine. It was then discovered that curcumin (an active substance in turmeric) is a powerhouse anti-inflammatory.

Turmeric supplements are available over-the-counter and can be taken to release excess water, relieve aches and pains, and even reduce headaches. Externally, it’s a miracle-worker for acneic and oily skin and can be mixed into a facial masque to reduce inflammation and disinfect breakouts. A note of caution: turmeric is naturally highly pigmented and may leave yellow residue on the skin surface! Keep your eyes peeled for an Om Aroma-approved turmeric masque recipe you can use at home coming soon.

Coconut Oil: It’s been all the rage this past year, and we’re listening. Whether we’re blending it into our coffee or mixing into our  soon-to-be-released new products, the balanced and healthy fats in coconut oil have got us craving a tropical glow.

Cooking with coconut oil (adding it to shakes, beverages or the bottom of your frying pan) can lead to the reduction of pore appearance and fine lines, plus it increases mental focus and gives you a boost of healthy energy. That’s due to the high levels of triglycerides, lauric acid, and Vitamin E.

On the outside, you can use coconut oil to add a little shine to hair or even highlight cheekbones (just apply very lightly over makeup for an extra luminous look.) Coconut Oil has also been touted as a highly effective makeup remover, however, recent studies show that it is too heavy to use in its pure form on facial skin. That’s why we’re beyond excited to be releasing a coconut pre-cleanse featuring a blend of natural extracts and oils that combine to form a silky and non-comodegenic treatment for nourishing lashes and completely removing makeup!

Chocolate: We love chocolate. Like, we LOVE love it. Not only because its natural aphrodisiac properties seduced us, but because cacao powder is PACKED with antioxidants and flavinoids that fight free radicals in our system. Translation: eating a little dark chocolate (with 70% or higher content per bar) can lower blood pressure, provide UV sun protection, and increase blood circulation for a dewy glow!

You can ALSO use cacao powder as a topical masque treatment, where the antioxidants will help your skin rebuild its protective properties and fight dark spots from sun damage. In our recent SELF feature, our founder and team created a decadent recipe that you can use partly as a face masque, then blend the rest into a delicious and healing organic smoothie! Get the formula here.

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Angela Elia

Angela Elia

Lover of chocolate, words, and natural beauty and writer for Dream, Do, Savor's beauty column.


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