Truffle season: for your tastebuds AND your skin!

December 21, 2013, In: Beauty
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Truffles are a coveted delicacy that reach their peak in the month of October and throughout the fall, which is the perfect time of year to start incorporating them into your palette AND your skincare routine. These delicious luxuries are not only great for the tastebuds, but provide major skin benefits, too!

Om Aroma uses a rare White Truffle Extract in our best-selling Truffle Face Cream. Dubbed the “White Diamond” of skincare, White Truffle is high in vitamin B, which helps brighten and lighten the skin, leading to softer and smoother texture. And the price reflects their top quality: in 2009, White Truffles were being sold at $14,203.50 USD per 2.2 pounds!

Our truffle face cream comes in three varieties, in order to suit all skin types:


  • Papaya Extract hydrates skin without clogging pores
  • Sweet Almond helps skin absorb nutrients and improves complexion
  • Vitamin E speeds up cellular regeneration, which helps healing process for scars and acne
  • For even lighter texture, add 1-2 drops of the Pumpkin Serum to help balance sebum production (also heals scarring and hyperpigmentation)


  • Rosehip promotes cellular regeneration, which restores and rejuvenated skin’s elasticity
  • Red Raspberry provides natural sun protection and fights wrinkles
  • Rice Bran is rich in Vitamin E, which makes skin soft and velvety


  • Cocoa Butter has flavanoids and Vitamin E, which penetrate the epidermis for deep hydration for supple, glowing skin
  • Evening Primrose is rich in Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) and antioxidants, which heals the skin and reduces fine lines
  • Meadowfoam has 98% fatty acids that help lock in moisture for velvet-soft skin

How to Use:

A little goes a long way with Om Aroma since we don’t use any chemical fillers, and our formulas are concentrated with vitamins and minerals. Use organic moisturizer daily morning and night after cleansing and toning face. Warm a teardrop-size of cream between hands. (The organic toning mist helps for the nutrients of the cream to penetrate deeper into the skin.) Massage into face and neck. Follow with Repair Caviar Eye Cream.

Truffle Face Cream is step #4 in the Gorgeous Goddess Kit, our 5-step anti-aging skincare program.
Tips + Tricks from founder Angela Jia Kim:
  • I love mixing my Truffle face cream with a few drops of the serums. Something about putting Truffles, Pumpkin, and Raspberries on my face and neck feels so luxurious and nourishing for the skin. Please note that I have extremely dry skin, and my skin drinks this up!
  • For those with oily skin, mix the face cream with 1-2 drops of the Pumpkin Serum. It will create a lighter texture while also hydrating your skin without clogging the pores. The Pumpkin Serum does wonders for oily and acneic skin!
  • One of our estheticians at Savor Spa discovered that if you mix a bit of mineral foundation with the Truffle Face Cream, it creates a gorgeous creamy, organic foundation. I’m obsessed with this little makeup secret because it eliminates the dryness that mineral makeup often creates on my skin. Try Alima Pure, one of our favorite brands!

So dive in! It’s Truffle Season here at Om Aroma & Co., and all across the world. Bon apetit!

Om Aroma & Co. is a locally-produced organic anti-aging skincare line made in the Catskills of NY. We are proud to provide potent natural solutions to your skin concerns! Visit us at to keep your skin fresh and hydrated this winter. 

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Angela Jia Kim

Angela Jia Kim

Eco-beauty entrepreneur and intuitive business mentor, Angela Jia Kim, believes that the best beauty tip is to live your dream. She pulls from her experiences as a serial entrepreneur, jet-setting concert pianist, New York City (not house) wife, and mom to help others from beauty to business at and


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