General Submission Guidelines

Savor Life Magazine holds the following guidelines to ensure the quality of each reader’s experience. If your pitch is accepted, or your application for contributor status is approved, you will receive more specific information from our team of editors.

  1. All content must be original and may not be posted to your personal blog, business blog, or to another major blog platform. Google detects duplicate content and any duplicate content will lower SEO ranking on your site and Savor Life Magazine online.
  2. We ask all writers to share their published articles via social media and email
  3. Because Savor Life Magazine is not a sales platform, any selling or promotion in the article will disqualify its publication. Your business, upcoming workshops or offerings, qualifications and more can all be contained in your byline.
  4. Article length target: 300-500 words. Please specify which Dream, Do, or Savor category you would like your submission to be considered.

Want to be featured in Savor Life Magazine?

Savor Life Magazine is the premier lifestyle resource for entrepreneurs, from beauty to business, and members of the press often come to us to find credible experts, trends, and stories. Articles seen here are all original content written by experts who LOVE sharing what they know in the spirit of #givegiveget. Plus, all articles are eligible for feature in the Savor the Success National Digest, which reaches a constantly-growing targeted audience of dreamers, creators, movers, and shakers! A feature here provides an excellent place for you to build your platform and get seen by the media. Please refer to our specific Submission Guidelines below for what kinds of articles can be featured in Savor Life Magazine and note that not all submissions will be published. Our editors may request revisions before publication once your article has been submitted.